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Humans have many methods of communicating with one another. Speaking, listening, writing, making art, creating music and dancing are all small ways that we learn to relate and form bonds with one another. The intricacy of life has always fascinated me.  How do we change and grow over time to occupy the space that we are in at any given moment?
Sociology has been a driving force in my work for many years.  I use composite imagery to bring the past and present into one vision. My mind is always working to figure out the puzzle of how you and I arrived at this place in time. What steps came before? What choices did you make to bring you here? What choices have I made? How were those choices influenced by others? What trials have shaped us? What compassionate experiences have we live through and learned from?  By creating a visual understanding of these life paths through art, we can come to perceive each other and ourselves in a deeper way.  
I began this journey into exploring sociology through art when I was unmarried in college. Since then, I have married and have three children. Observing the people closest to me, interacting with them daily, and having a profound impact on other people's lives as seen through this lens of intricate social scaffolding has propelled my imagery to a deeper exploration of meta-cognition. While my art has focused mostly on figurative work, my new work is taking on a deeper visceral nature, examining the guttural self; Exploring deep feelings and desires, emotions and choice through action, texture, color and paint layering present an unnamed nature can be visualized but not verbalized.

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